8 Steps to create endomarketing actions that will welcome employees at home office


It’s increasingly clear that we have entered a moment of rethinking endomarketing structures and actions.

Many processes were shaken by the crisis of the new coronavirus and, beucase of that, endomarketing strategies are so necessary to promote belonging among employees in times of home office.

Today we’re going to show you – who are concerned about organizational culture – how to collaborate through activities involving human resources and internal culture 🙂
We know that you’ll be able to strengthen the culture of your work environment, creating happiness, motivation and a sense of belonging in your team!

1. Define the expected resultof endomarketing actions

Every action needs a goal, right? So think first about what you want to create!

What message do you want to transmit? How would you like your employees to feel right now? For your campaign to be successful and well executed, we need to know where it’s going.

If you run out of ideas, rest assured that this is normal 🙂

Sit down with your team or key people in the company for a little chat – they can bring great insights to your actions. So, you can understand which values ​​or feelings you can promote through endomarketing actions!

What do you need to create more of?Reception, engagement, encouragement of personal growth? Maybe even reassurance that all is well. Think about what fits your context! So you can define what your goal is.

2. Brainstorm potential ideas

Ahh, the famous brainstorm!

Make a gathering with everyone, online right? So everyone can listen and discuss possible ideas!

It’s worth remembering that all good brainstorming is without judgment, because an idea that seems bad can be turned into a wonderful action when listened to with care 🙂

If you feel the need to send products, or treats, to employees’ homes, remember that you’ll have to call HR to get everyone’s address! So everyone feels welcomed in the comfort of their home ♥

A very important factor is the prioritization of ideas! Create criteria such as available time, ease of execution, potential results and maybe even a budget so that everything works out.

3. Establish a schedule

Once everything is clearly and carefully defined, let’s get to the schedule!

What kind of action did you plan? Will it just be a one-day event? Or will it be multiple events over the course of a month? Or will it be a weekday event, held a few hours a day?

Create a very simple schedule, breaking this process into stages, deadlines and assign the people! Here it may be essential to create a spreadsheet, right?

4. Raise possible risks

Today, changes are very fast! That’s why we need to be aware of potential delicate situations – politically, economically and even environmentally – in order to know how to anticipate them.

For this, it’s VERY useful to be able to understand a little better about how to manage risks.

Risk management serves to identify uncertainties and anticipate risks. So, it’s necessary to learn to identify which are the possible light, medium and maybe even serious risks of each situation.

Try to understand what your company’s positioning is and if it aligns with your actions, because this is the secret of endomarketing!

Try to assess risky situations for the chosen internal marketing campaign, classifying between the degrees of severity of potential for negative impact.

So, it’s easier to understand what must be done to neutralize the risks and, thus, be able to successfully execute your actions!

5. Mobilize partners for execution

There are many wonderful ways to do internal marketing campaigns! And, for some actions, it’s necessary that we have reliable partners and suppliers by our side.

So, we can count on a great team so that every action that has a collaborative product is smooth and everyone receives their gifts with quality.

Having a strong and engaged internal team is very important and will clearly help in the execution of your idea! Focus on your team too, so you can do more and more amazing activities 🙂

6. Put it into practice

Phew, huh?

Calm down! We need to take it easy and even a little advance too.

Always remember that the sooner you anticipate an action, the more quality and value it’ll have in the end! Whether through design, printing, delivery of kits, logistics, all this is important to keep in mind now!

The delivery experience of your action that will impact employees 🙂

7. Make everyone share the actions

Like, comment, share!!

The coolest and most genuine way to promote your action is precisely through those who participated in it – and loved it.

So, encourage people to share, like or send their photos of the moments that came with your engagement action! Whether on the intranet, on a closed Instagram or even on Slack.

You can create hashtags or filters on Instagram so that this action is easy and very specific to the desired date ?

8. At the end, collect feedback

At the end of it all… Feedback!

After everything comes to an end, remember that your endomarketing actions have to keep evolving!

Make a quick form, with up to 5 questions, about how collaborators felt at the end of the campaign. It can be anything from 0 to 10, with gifs, really relaxed!

So, you can ask people if they felt welcomed, more energized and if it turned out to be very different from your expected result.

And make the most of this form! There you can have great insights for future campaigns and you can calmly understand what could have been done more calmly, or what ended up being better than imagined.

It’s worth remembering that we are all in a process of constant improvement and your endomarketing actions are no different. ?

We hope that we were able to quickly explain to you how to create more assertive endomarketing campaigns! ❤️

And if you want to know more about how we can help you strengthen your company’s culture, schedule a demo with our team!

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