Storage and Shipping

Manage and distribute your Onboarding Kits and swags easily.

Pick & Packing

Whenever we receive a new shipping request, our logistics team selects the products in stock, packs them with great care and ships them safely.


We keep your swags in our storage and organize all product input and output data. Besides not having to worry about it, you guarantee extra space in the office.

Worldwide Shipping

We ship to your employees wherever they are, safely and quickly. Anywhere in the world!

Swag Track

Track all shipments in real time. On the dashboard, you can view the updated status of packages, avoiding errors and anticipating necessary resends.

Precious space and time

Eliminate wasted time packaging and labeling kits. Yoobe gives you more time to do the things that really matter and are needed in your business. Plus, by using Yoobe storage, you can make better use of your office space, which was previously filled with boxes and products that no one remembers anyway.

“The days of intimidating & confusing insurance companies are finally over!”

Done with love from start to finish

You know when you send a surprise kit to each employee’s home and everyone is anxious to get it?
And when some of them get it, share photos and the rest of the kits are still on the way?

Thinking of helping you not to go crazy managing all this expectation. (it happens to the best),), Yoobe has created a Swag Track page, where you can view in real time all the information of each shipment: tracking code, recipient name, shipping date, delivery forecast and updated status of the Post Office.

Got any doubts?

Here we have the most frequent questions about Yoobe Storage and Shipping


Yoobe’s minimum storage space is 1m³ at R$96.00/month.

You can have as many m³ as you find necessary for your storage. 1m³ = R$96.

Pick & Packing is the process of taking a product out of storage and packing it for shipment.

Yoobe has a policy of quality and transparency. For this, all our suppliers are certified, inserted in the automation and quality control process. You’ll be able to store your products in our storage, however they’ll have a unit storage fee. Products that aren’t produced by Yoobe certified suppliers have no warranty, cannot be replaced by others and will have an individual storage fee. The price ​​varies between 14% and 22% according to each product. At the end of this stock, new products must be produced only by Yoobe.

We don’t ship alcoholic beverages abroad. For food products, electronics and Covid-19 protective masks, it’s necessary to check the rules of the recipient country.

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