Hi, we're Yoobe

The full solution platform that automates the creation of swags, delighting and engaging teams worldwide.

Pick & Packing

Whenever we receive a new shipping request, our logistics team selects the products in stock, packs them neatly and ships them safely.


We keep your swags in our storage and organize all product input and output data. Besides not having to worry about it, you guarantee extra space in the office.

Worldwide Shipping

We ship to your employees, partners or customers wherever they are, safely and quickly. Anywhere in the world!

Swag Track

Track all shipments in real time. On the dashboard, you can view the updated status of packages, avoiding errors, saving time and anticipating necessary reshipments.

We connect your company with employees, partners and customers by sending swags that delight and translate the organizational culture

Our Mission

Making the work of HR, culture and marketing teams much easier, automated and effective to keep employees happy and engaged.

Our Vision

To be a reference in solutions for companies in the promotion of corporate culture and the main hub of services
on demand.

Our Values

Here at Yoobe, we mainly care about innovation, integrity, transparency, commitment and pro-activity!


Create connections

Stop worrying about activities that take up your time and focus on what you really need!

Yoobe helps you promote interaction and engagement campaigns with your employees, partners and customers, boosting the essence, values ​​and culture that your company carries.

Experiences that convert and engage.

Can you imagine putting on autopilot campaigns for: Customer Success, Management Onboarding Kits, Strengthening Organizational Culture, Budget Planning, Production of Corporate Events?

Amazing, right? That’s why Yoobe brings solutions for companies to promote corporate culture, automating the creation, production, logistics and management of campaigns/swags.

And that means HR, culture and marketing teams no longer have to waste time on complex tasks like:

  • Searching for suppliers and quotes
  • Worrying about product quality
  • Receiving and packing products or assembling kits
  • Sending to the address of each collaborator

Like it?

Stop worrying about all those things! We solve them! Schedule your demo and enjoy the journey!