Corporate Shop

With Yoobe you can assemble a welcome kit for new employees in an easy and functional way

Your Swag Shop

Choose the products that best fit your company and make them available for purchase and/or redeem at no cost

Online Campaigns

Create engagement campaigns, customer success actions, rewards for achieved goals and much more

Full dashboard

Manage orders, inventory, products, campaigns, key metrics and complete information about your shop

World Catalog

Make national and international products available to your team, without worrying about logistics and delivery.

Make It Happen

The Corporate Shop allows you to engage your team, give gifts to employees, send swags to special customers, create campaigns for special dates, launch exclusive products for online events, send discount vouchers and much more. There are thousands of possibilities!

Yoobe store

“The days of intimidating & confusing insurance companies are finally over!”

Dashboard Features

In the Corporate Shop Dashboard you have access to the main metrics, last orders, best-selling products, control the inventory of your products and complete information about the campaigns carried out.

Got any questions?

Here are are the most asked questions about Corporate Shop and Dashboard


With all the certainty in this world! Our platform allows products to be visible only to a select group of users. For this, we just need to know which rule will be applied and the shop registration email.

You bet! The Swag Store allows the creation of a voucher with a percentage or fixed amount discount.

These vouchers can be linked to:
• some team that accomplished a goal and deserves a nice gift code
• a special customer you want to send a gift to
• a product that all employees want and the company will give some discount
• a women’s day campaign, in which all girls will be able to purchase a swag created for the date

If you want a person to redeem the product with 100% discount +. free shipping, this is also possible!

These are just a few examples, but you’re free to create whatever you want to promote your company’s campaigns.

Only Store Managers have access to the Dashboard and it’s your company that decides which users will be managers.

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