Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What's yoobe?

Yoobe is a swag management solution that allows companies to personalize and buy promotional merchandise automatically, hassle-free.

What's SWAG?

SWAG is an expression that refers to promotional items and corporate produtcts that help promote your brand. organizational culture or event. Swag is essential for customer success and leads generation.

Prices and delivery time

Our prices and delivery dates vary according to your plan, item’s quantities and the country they’ll be produced in. Orders can be paid through invoice, credit or debit card. All products have discounts based on quantity. Check here our Policy to delivery and shipping.

Minimum quantity

We have various items with no minimums and we always work with the most viable minimums.

Does Yoobe has different products from the catalog?

We are constantly updating our products list based on the companies demand. If you need anything that is not here, please contact us!

Is Yoobe Internacional?

We display international and national products to facilitate worldwide delivery.

Is Yoobe available to ALL countries?

Yoobe is not available in just a few countries because of legal restrictions or shipping carrier limitations: Cuba, Iran, Crimea, Syria, and North Korea. (this list may change periodically)

Does Yoobe has local makers?

Yes! Our producers are located in many cities in, Brazil, Mexico, the United States and in the whole Europe.

Need more help?

Sed us a message . We will reply you fast.