Onboarding Experience

Welcome new employees with an onboarding kit that really shows your company’s culture. We handle everything for you.


Choose the products that best fit your company. We help you create the perfect Onboarding Kit to welcome new employees.


With the order closed, we produce your swags. Once ready, our logistics team receives the products and keeps them in our storage.


Your corporate shop will have a special Onboarding page, where new employees can access and request their Welcome Kit, choosing t-shirt size, customizing any necessary item and closing the order with their delivery address.


On our Dashboard you have full control of who has requested an Onboarding Kit, what information have been filled in each order and the delivery status

Save time and focus on what really matters

We know that creating a Welcome Kit, finding who produces it, monitoring the production, receiving everything in the company, packaging and sending it to the collaborator takes a lot of time and effort.

And that’s why Yoobe integrates creation, production, quality control, inventory, logistics and management in a single platform!

“The days of intimidating & confusing insurance companies are finally over!”

Learn how new employees
redeem their Onboarding Kit

1. Add the link + password to access the Onboarding Kit product in the welcome email for your new employees.

2. The Onboarding page is fully customized with your company’s brand and message.

3. The employee accesses the product, reads the guidelines, chooses the size of the shirt, personalizes any of the products (if needed) and completes the order online, at zero cost.

4. Store managers can keep up with all Onboarding Kit orders on a special screen, and the employee receives the tracking code to track the delivery in real time.

Got any doubts?

Here we have the main questions about the Yoobe Onboarding Experience


The Enterprise plan is the most complete and has all Yoobe features. We also have the Onboarding Experience plan, made for companies that only need this feature.

This feature includes:
• Support in creating the perfect Onboarding Kit for your company
• Product quality control
• Creation of kit redeem screens
• Process automation setup
• Dashboard for order management
• Storage of up to 1m³
• Inventory control

Fees charged separately:
• Production of swags
• Pick and packing
• Shipping

More details here

Yoobe has a policy of quality and transparency. For this, all our suppliers are certified, inserted in the automation and quality control process. You will be able to store your products in our storage, however they’ll have a unit storage fee. Products that are not produced by Yoobe certified suppliers won’t have warranty, cannot be replaced by others and will have an individual storage fee. The price ​​varies between 14% and 22% according to each product. At the end of this stock, new products must be produced only by Yoobe.

You bet! We can register your company’s default address at the checkout for kit redeem requests. At the end of the period of 1 week, 15 days or 1 month, all kits requested in the store will be prepared and sent directly to the registered office.

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Let’s assemble the perfect Onboarding Kit for your company?