What is Yoobe?


We’re a platform that develops the automation of Swags, where companies can buy, store and send corporate products directly to their employees’ homes, so that helps to promote the company culture and encourages remote engagement.

Before understanding more about who we are, you need to know what SWAGs are:

This North American expression is used to refer to legal promotional items, which contribute to propagate the corporate culture of companies or events.

They are an excellent way to:

  • Encourage teams through objectives and goals hit;
  • Show customers their importance and the difference they make in the company;
  • Keep the team united and engaged even during Home Office.

Yoobe was born with the mission of facilitating the creation of personalized product stores for youtubers and influencers, with collaboration from fans and designers. Then we realized that companies were also creating stores on our platform, as they faced the difficulty of acquiring customized and delivered corporate products in a simple way.

When carrying out campaigns to promote culture and engagement, HR teams, buyers and marketing go through a complex process that consumes a lot of time in each demand, limiting the quality of marketing and internal marketing actions. Through decentralized production, Yoobe puts campaigns on autopilot aimed at:

  • Customer Success Actions
  • Onboarding Kit Management
  • Strengthening the Company Culture
  • Budget Planning
  • Production of Corporate Events

We found an opportunity to solve these problems by automating the entire process of acquiring corporate products for companies, from budgeting, choosing producers and product customization to storage, logistics and delivery to any part of the world.

We optimize the time that teams spend in requesting and monitoring the production of promotional items, bringing the solution that allows companies to customize products, in a scalable way, saving time, money and consolidating the organizational culture.

Advantages that only Yoobe offers:

  • Quick creation of the company’s online store;
  • Collaborative store with editor for online product customization;
  • On-demand orders, no minimum quantity;
  • Decentralized global production, delivery and distribution;
  • Confirmation of receipt of swags + campaign evaluation (through exclusive QR code);
  • Tracking and management of campaigns through the exclusive dashboard for store managers.

Our platform allows companies to create their store automatically, making products that promote their company culture available to employees and customers, making it possible to customize products on the platform and instantly view the final mockup.

In addition, we value the reduction of excessive expenses with products in unnecessary quantity, offering the option of orders made on demand, or with a really minimal quantity (between 05 and 10 units) for several products in the catalog. We also have a global production network to facilitate the generation and delivery of swags in different countries.

How it works:

  1. You choose the best products for your company and we create the store with a unique URL;
  2. You choose whether the store will be open to the public or only to employees and/or partners;
  3. We help you with the creation of campaigns for sending swags, for any necessary demand (promoting culture, engaging, rewarding teams for achieved goals, giving gifts to partners or customers, etc).

Our goal is to be a reference in solutions for companies in the promotion of corporate culture and on-demand customization services. Impacting and engaging teams worldwide through swags that make all the difference!

Learn more about Yoobe here.

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