TOP 5 products that companies love the most


Regardless of which service you offer, working on a good strategy thinking about keeping your customers and employees happy and engaged through corporate gifts that translate your company’s culture is an excellent way to boost your company and create good relationships.

Even if choosing products isn’t always an easy task, the benefits of giving gifts to your employees and promoting engagement campaigns are huge!

And knowing which items are trending at the moment, can help you in your purchase choice and inspire you when purchasing some swag for your company. Whether it’s to incorporate an Onboarding Kit, give your employees gifts or even give a treat to your customers and partners.

That’s why we’ve chosen in this top 5, some products that sell the most here at Yoobe and that there’s no doubt, everyone loves:

Keep an eye out:


Startups and everyone’s favorite. They are fun, warm, and great for gifting employees, customers, partners and attending events.

These great home office companions have become more than an accessory to bring comfort, but to compose style.

Embroidered and super soft, they can be printed in up to 4 colors, with patterns, logo and elements without too many details. Everyone is free to let their creativity take over and create a fully customized sock that stamps the company culture!

We even have a post talking about them here.


Who doesn’t love a swag that allows employees to wear – literally – the team’s shirt?

T-shirts contribute to boosting employee belonging and keeping everyone motivated and engaged, especially if the company is undergoing integration processes.

In addition, within other specific campaigns that companies promote, t-shirts also end up becoming a great option!

Camera Cover

In addition to being an item loved by companies, the camera cover is also very much loved here at Yoobe by our employees.

It is small, simple, practical and very useful in day-to-day work due to all its functionality. Especially for those who depend on computers and laptops and attend online meetings daily.

This swag brings a sense of safety! And of course, your brand is seen and remembered every time your employee is working and using the computer.

A perfect choice to complete any kit!


The notebooks are part of those products that your company can be sure to offer in every onboarding kit, or even every 6 months for employees. You can be sure, everyone uses it a lot!

Great for putting notes, activities of the day, appointments, meetings and most importantly, you can customize cover, back cover, inside sheets and even add a sticker page. All this using the company’s visual identity.

Cell Belt

The cell belt is a different, innovative and perfect item for not dropping your cell phone. In addition to promoting safety and care with your device, it can be all stamped with bright colors, patterns and, of course, with your company logo.

Our TOP 5 list has come to an end. Now you are aware of the products that are most loved by companies, and that will certainly also be very successful with your team and in your campaigns!

If you want to purchase any of these swags for your company, here you can request a quote. And if you’re wondering how we can help you, schedule a demo with our Yoobe Team!

From design to delivery, Yoobe automates the creation of enterprise products for your company worldwide!

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