How Yoobe is dealing with COVID 19

A little info for you:

We know this is a tough moment for all of us, whether your team can work remotely or not. Therefore, we understand that it is time to stick together and take care of what is most important to everyone: our health. 

As Yoobe and individuals we are doing our best to keep this disease from spreading. At this point, we follow all the prevention recommendations against COVID-19 and we are mobilized to keep your experience with Yoobe going in the best possible way.

Here are a few guidelines we have been following since the outbreak:​

First and most important, we are here for you and working, from home, to keep your culture thriving with everyones safety.

Minimum operations team:
We’ve kept our team at a minimum, asking for the presence of only the essentials team members of production.
This did take a toll on our maximum production per day, but we are still maintaining deadlines as we can.

Our team that’s working from home is safe and working mainly on improving our services.

Our production team is taking all the extra care they can to make sure that each package leaves our facilities in safety.

We’re also delivering straight to your coworker’s homes, so no one is left out from the amazing humanizing experience that is receiving swags.

You can keep calm, Yoobe is on your side just as we will always be. If you’re in need of logistics, stock and high end swags delivered to your team, we are here to make sure everyone gets it – in safety.

Here's what Yoobe has for you:

Inventory on us

2 months of free storage for any products in our stock

COVID-19 Discount

15% off in all of our products to help everyone to save a little bit

At Home Swags

The option to deliver any product directly to your team member's house

Keeping up

Keep engaging your team and lifting their spirits ♥