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Yoobe helps your company continue to promote culture with professionals who work remotely even during quarantine due to COVID-19

Our production and logistics teams are taking extra hygiene care and social distancing so that everyone stays healthy and safe.


From sewing to delivery, we ensure that each package is shipped with minimal contact and maximum hygiene. All this for your swags arrive safely.

Your Swag Store

Your choose the best products for your store and we'll launch it for your team to choose what they like most, their sizings and the best address for delivery.

At Home Swags

We have developed ready to order & customize kits just for you that can be delivered straight to your team. All you have to do is order, and we'll do all the of the rest!

Which swag matches your mission?

Check here some products that we offer in the Kits:

Cotton Masks Kits

We dedicate our team to the production of masks, to help fight the virus. Thus, everyone can protect themselves without consuming surgical masks that should be intended for medical teams.

Each Kit contains 3 masks that can be sent directly to your collaborator's home.

They are made of organic cotton, antiallergic and undergo a process of disinfected with Sodium Hypochlorite, dried in a greenhouse and ironed at 75 Degrees Celsius.
Remember that masks are not indicated as protective material for hospital use, however, it is indicated as a tool to prevent contamination through the airways.

This mask can be reused when properly sanitized.

Much more than swags.

Promote your company’s culture by humanizing the relationship with your team.

Here’s how we can help:

  • Send swags to remote teams and customers. Keep them engaged.
  • Create Customer Success campaigns and actions by activating swag submissions, directly to your customers.
  • Your team can order any product from your store. We take care of all logistics and delivery.

It's time to humanize your virtual interactions and keep your company culture on the rise ♥

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